lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Plastic World

Everyone said I only thought about me
But the truth is I didn't have time to think at all
Now's the time to conquer this land
I wanted to steal someone else's food
Crash in the famous planet of ambition

I'm stuck in the white sheep mix
And I'm a sheep but as black as coal
I hope she steals your boyfriend while your eyes are closed
and that every time that your brain crashes you're the one to blame
cause the mess you made me live has got no compression
I really loved, and you took it out of me

And if I was perfect, what would change?
Should I kiss the girl, should I kiss the boy?
What's the meaning of it all? 
World of plastic, thrown into dirt
I should leave my body where it is.
That's just perfect.

You're still laughing at me? I hope you have a happy death
nightmares don't require a waking up, they just need time
And I'll be glad if this doesn't happen to you:
every time I wake up I learn something
It aches in my heart for you being so stupid
I wonder how many times did you scream into the wind
I love you
Instead of waiting for a big ass to come please your night

There is a corruption in the air
I'm losing the game and I'm still winning
And my hands are once again empty
but I'm happy again
Sun came out at the end.

I choose not to be a living trend, thank you.