domingo, 19 de junio de 2011


In that vast landscape with sparse trees and music smells,
There they were, scattered as little flashes and no spells, 

Sitting in the sun's shadow
They were all sitting or laying down, 
And all of their thoughts narrow
On which of them will wear the crown.

One of them has a long cloudy hair
In peace with her own spirit 
But there was something you could not bear
There was absolutely no light in it.

And she was sitting down.

The other one with the drone eyes
Needed to stop watching the sky.
Her mistakes were nice
But her truth made everyone cry.

And she was sitting down.

But the one who looked to the other side
was holding my hand.

Still, she was not looking at me
because she didn't feel my hand
but she knows she has me. 

And she was standing on her own two feet.