martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

February 27, 2010


The sun is getting upset
He won't climb the mountains this time
and it seems like a sunset
causalities always make way for a rhyme

While it may seem
some kind of disaster
Would it be late for us to form a team?
We've disappointed every one of our masters

Strange things happen, strange things in the bible
And if I sit here is because Im not waiting for a revival

Cause it's February 27, 2010
And we still got hard work to do
While the planet is still waiting for a hair-do
We've got some path and things to redo
And I am still not feeling you
Can you hear the cries out of the blue?

Now churches say we have our way to heaven assured
We've been so insecure
Come help me out, give me a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are being assured, everything is in the right line
Cause People dying of hunger Is classified as mass suicidal